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18-28 May Online Regional Seminar on Data Collection for Compilation of CPI in combat with COVID-19 List of Documents
12-15 November Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Regional Seminar on GDP Rebasing based on Supply and Use Table List of Documents
3-6 September Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Regional Seminar on Energy and Forest Accounts List of Documents 
4-5 February  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Workshop on Africa Energy Data collection, Validation & Processing List of Documents
9-30 October   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  e-Training on GDP re-basing List of Documents
1-2 October  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  African Symposia on Statistical Development(ASSD) List of Documents
2-6 July  Pretoria, South Africa  Regional Seminar on EE-SUTs List of Documents
13 May  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Addressing data gaps for SDG's Economic Indicators in Africa List of Documents 
5-8 February   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Regional Seminar on the Compilation and Application of SUTs in Africa List of Documents
14-16 November   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  EGM on SDG's Economic Indicators  List of Documents
 4-8 September  Nairobi,  Kenya Regional Seminar on the Framework for the Development of  Environmental Statistics   List of Documents
     On line Capacity Building- Training on Technical Assistance Programme on the framework for Development of Environmental Statistics(FDES) in Africa.  List of Documents
 11-14 January  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Expert Group Meeting on Statistics for SDG's: Accounting for  Informal Sector in National Accounts   List of Documents
 23- 27 June  Kigali, Rwanda  Expert Group Meeting on the Use of Administrative data   List of Documents
 2-6  June  Port Louis, Mauritius  Expert Group Meeting on Supply and Use Table    List of  Documents
 29 April - 3 May  Yaounde, Cameroon  Meeting of the African Group on Employment and Informal Sector    List of Documents
  27-29 February  Port Louis, Mauritius  Study Tour on ERETES software
  List of Documents
 14-18 November  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Regional Seminar on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS 2010)  List of Documents
 24-28 October  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Expert Group Meeting (EGM) " Handbook on Supply and Use Table: Compilation, Applications, and Good Practice  List of Documents
 5-7 October  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on Compendium of Intra-African and Related Foreign Trade  Statistics  List of Documents
 14-16 September  Yaoundé, Cameroon Meeting of the Extended Stat-Com Africa Working Group of Informal Sector  List of Documents
 11-15 April  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Seminar on the Implementation of SNA 2008  List of Documents
 7-11 March  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Workshop on Environmental Statistics and Climate Change  List of Documents
 22 -25 November  Port Louis, Mauritius Expert Group Meeting on the Implementation of the 2008 SNA  List of Documents
 11-12 October  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Pre-ADF event, ECA/InWent Expert Group Meeting on Climate Change Measurement  List of Documents
 5-9 July  Port Louis, Mauritius Seminar on the Implementation Strategy for International Standard on Economic Statistics in Africa  List of Documents