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Statistical data management

1. Global objectives

This component aims to improve data management in countries, sub-regional organizations and within UNECA Secretariat. It involves:

  • Development of UNECA regional statistical database;

  • Development of countries statistical databases

  • Development of database of household surveys and censuses;

  • Technical workshops on data management;

  • Building of electronic exchange platforms;

  • Joint programmes with UN agencies and

  • Elaboration of guides and standards.

2. Calendar of events related to data management in 2011

(a) Consultative Workshop on the Future Orientation of Geographical Names Activities in Africa (Gaborone, Botswana, 23 – 25 November 2011)

The results of the effort to standardize geographical names in Africa so far have been mixed: significant achievements in some parts of the continent but very limited achievements in others. UNGEGN, conscious of particular issues in African toponymy, such as the question of many languages not having a written form, has since the First Conference addressed toponymic problems in Africa. In the first report it is stated that practical measures needed to be initiated to help African countries suitably manage their toponymy (UNCSGN[1], 1968). Early on, the Task Team had established that the obstacles preventing African countries taking part in work of the UNGEGN are primarily due to financial problems restricting their participation in UNGEN sessions and conferences, which are often held at UN headquarters in New York, and with the lack of African competence in this field, the work on place names in Africa is far from satisfactory. To date, only 16 out of 54 countries have established a national authority to oversee their standardization efforts while 18 have an institution serving as contact on geographical names without the proper legal mandate from Government. Of these even fewer countries are actively engaged in the standardization work. There is no information from the remaining 20 on the status of their geographical names activities.


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