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The African Centre for Statistics (ACS) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), in partnership with Data2X  has initiated a project aimed at improving the production and use of gender data within National Statistics Systems through the creation of a strong and vibrant network.  The network will foster  gender data expertise, facilitate cross-country learning, enable capacity building and training, and crucially provide a platform for focal points to raise and solve issues they face. The collective actions by the network members, could be used as a basis for advocacy, skills building, and fundraising at the national, regional and international levels.

This Network proposes to pilot in selected African countries to begin to meet identified demand. In addition to providing some training in data production and analysis techniques, the network will also focus on identifying and strengthening best practice in communication of data with a gender dimension and promotion of data use.

To contribute to meeting this goal, the immediate objectives of the project are:

  1. Understand the challenges that gender data focal points are facing in relation to analysis of data demans, gaps, production or use of gender data in their context. These challenges may be financial, technical, political or social in nature.
  2. Explore innovative solutions to the challenges uncovered under A. This network is intended to be creative in its approach to enabling solutions to specific challenges and will experiment with different approaches as required.
  3. Empower the experts through the tools offered and interactions among Network members and raise the profile of individuals responsible for the production and use of gender data within their own organizations, externally within their country governments, and at regional and international levels.