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Welcome to the African Statistical Knowledge Network platform on civil registration and vital statistics. 

African Statistical Knowledge(ASK) Networks is to address the broad consensus among African countries and development partners about the need for better statistics that lead to better policies for the achievement of the internationally agreed goals, including the MDGs.

If you are a statistician become a member and share your project, research, policy or network with thousands of African statitics professional. ASKN warmly invites you to share your knowledge with its users thoughtout Africa and the World.

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Discussion ForumDiscussion ForumCivil Registrat...Civil Registrat...GeneralGeneralfences Come in a Diversityfences Come in a Diversity
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 19/02/2019 16:53

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Discussion ForumDiscussion ForumCivil Registrat...Civil Registrat...GeneralGeneralfences Come in a Diversityfences Come in a Diversity

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