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CRVS Documents

 TitleDescription Size
6th ASSD ResolutionsThis report outlines the decree reached following the 6th Annual Symposium on Statistical DevelopmentDownload153.18 KB
ACS Final Ministerial DeclarationThis is the detailed Declaration of African Ministers Responsible for Civil RegistrationDownload269.47 KB
Concept notethis outlines the content and expectations of the meeting on Post-Ministerial Conference Activities on African Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems Download206.59 KB
CRVS EGM RecommendationsThis report summarizes the main outcomes and recommendations made during the experts’ group meeting for the improvement of CRVS systems in Africa.Download195.58 KB
Executive Report for the 6th ASSDThis report outlines the findings of the 6th Africa Symposium on Statistical DevelopmentDownload153.18 KB
Regional Medium Term PlanThis of the medium-term plan focuses on supporting African governments to build modern and accountable public administrations and measure and monitor their respective development efforts.Download153.18 KB
Synopsis Regional Medium Term Planthis is the outline of the proposed regional term planDownload519.90 KB
Work Programmethis shows the daily activity schedule and their allocated time during the Meeting of Experts on Post-Ministerial Conference Activities. Download206.59 KB
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