Préparatifs de la 52e session de la Commission statistique, 24 décembre 2020​


Date: 24 December 2020

All thirty-one substantive reports and procedural documents for the 52nd session have been submitted on time, and advanced unedited copies of the reports have been uploaded to the Commission’s website. On 21 December 2020, the Chair of the Statistical Commission sent a letter to Member States with proposed modalities to convene the 52nd session. A short modalities paper was prepared by DGACM with UNSD to provide further information.

One recommendation is for the session to be held as informal virtual meetings from 9 – 11 A.M. (Eastern) 1-3 and 5 March 2021. The Chair also recommends that authorization be sought from the President of ECOSOC to adopt the draft report of the session via silence procedure. Member States are invited to share comments with the Chair by 28 December.

UNSD is also preparing a calendar of side events to complement the informal meetings. Two high level side events, one on data stewardship and another on the statistical systems response to the global pandemic, will be held on 10 and 24 February 2021, respectively.

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