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Human Development Index (2015) Gender Inequality Index (2015) Ibrahim Index of African Governence (2016) Ease of Doing Business (2017) Corruption Perceptions Index (2016)

GDP growth rate

Current account




Africa Regional Integration Index


Freemovement of people Trade integration Productive integration Infrastructural integration Financial and macroeconomic integration


Mortality rates

Gender equality and empowerment

* Interpretation of the pie chart: The scoring is between 0 and 10, with 0 being the worst level of inequality, 5 suggesting middle parity, and 10 indicating perfect parity. Perfect parity connotes a situation where the proportion of men and women is equal, irrespective of the developmental level of the variable or indicator being assessed. Some countries go beyond the score of 10, thus showing that women may be more highly empowered in that subsector than men for that country. However, caution is needed when drawing conclusions based only on the scores, particularly when there are large variations in levels of developmental achievements between countries.


Employment in nonagricultural sector

Labour force participation rate


Top management in firms

Ownership in firms


Under-five survival rate

Children under age five who are not stunted

Life expectancy at birth

Share of population without HIV


Youth literacy rate

Enrolment ratio in secondary education

Enrolment ratio in tertiary education

Women in politics

Representation in parliament

Ministerial positions-cabinet

Access to credit

Account at a financial institution

Borrowed from a financial institution

Access to land

Access to land

Stand-alone indicators

Access to drinking water source within 15 minutes (urban)

Access to drinking water source within 15 minutes (rural)

Improved sanitation (urban)

Improved sanitation (rural)

Maternal mortality ratio

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