Africa with a Strong Cultural Identity, Common Heritage, Values and Ethics

Priority area 1: Values and Ideals of Pan Africanism

Target 1: At least 60% of content in educational curriculum is on indigenous African culture, values and language targeting primary and secondary schools

Target 2: An Agency for Diaspora Affairs/ Relations is in place and will be facilitating the Diaspora contributions to development

Target 3: Dual Citizenship granted to the Diaspora

Priority area 2: Cultural Values and African Renaissance

Target 1: At least 20% of the citizenry participate in culture and appreciate the creative arts

Target 2: National languages used as part of the administrative processes of the country.

Priority area 3: Cultural Heritage, Creative Arts and Businesses

Target 1: At least 60% increase in local content in all print and electronic productions and media

Target 2: National Agency / focal point for the promotion of creative art businesses is in place by 2017

Target 3: At least 20% of technical and vocational institutions have programmes on the creation /generation of cultural artifacts, skills development for the generation / preservation of cultural assets and the creation and management of micro-cultural enterprises

Target 4:   Mechanism in place for inter-generational cultural dialogue

Target 5: At least 30% of all national cultural treasures that are identified are retrieved, protected, archived and valued