Africa as a strong and influential global partner

Priority area 1: Africa’s place in global affairs

Target 1: National infrastructure for African networked space research and exploration in place

Target 2: National systems / infrastructure for research and development t is fully functional

R&D spending as a % of GDP
No data available

Target 3: Increase 2013 level of exports by 20% in real terms

Target 4: National statistical system fully functional

Priority area 1: Capital Markets

Target 1: National capital market finances at least 10% of development expenditure

Priority area 2: Fiscal system and Public Sector Revenues

Target 1: Tax and non-tax revenue of all levels of government should cover at least 75% of current and development expenditure

Total tax revenue/GDP
No data available
% of firms paying tax
No data available

Priority area 3: Development Assistance

Target 1: Proportion of aid in the national budget is at most 25% of 2013 level

Target 2: Additional financial resources mobilised from multiple sources

% Volume of remmittances (USD/GDP)
No data available

Target 3: Effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships encouraged and promoted