Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice 

The Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice (NCA-CoP) is a regional learning and knowledge exchange platform dedicated to fostering the compilation of environmental-economic and ecosystems accounts in support to the design, implementation and evaluation of environmentally-friendly policies for a sustainable development in Africa.

Global Policy Forum on Natural Capital 2024

The Global Policy Forum on Natural Capital is the signature annual event of the Global Program on Sustainability. Co-organized with the United Nations Statistics Division, the Forum aims to connect users—primarily the investment community and policy makers—with both data and analytics, and data providers, to share knowledge and experiences on incorporating natural capital accounting and approaches in decision making.
The 7th Global Policy Forum on Natural Capital, Implementing the Global Biodiversity Framework: Leveraging Natural Capital Data, Accounting and Analysis to Inform Policies, taking place in Kagali, Rwanda  on 4-6 March 2024.
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Read more about the 7th Forum here.

The 'Nairobi Declaration Statement and Call to Action': an Outcome of the 2023 NCA CoP Policy Forum

The Second Africa Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) Policy Forum, convened under the auspices of Africa NCA Community of Practice (CoP), hosted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on behalf of the Kenyan Government in Nairobi on 6 and 7 September 2023, and comprising over 120 representatives from 30 countries.
Read the NCA CoP Nairobi Declaration Statement and Call to Action

Africa Natural Capital Accounting Policy Forum 2023 (September 6-7, 2023)

The Africa Natural Capital Accounting Policy Forum on Using Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) And Analysis to Inform Policies for Development, Climate Change and Nature Protection aims to provide participants with a platform to discuss the use of natural capital approaches, including natural capital accounting (NCA), and the challenges and opportunities in using natural capital data, tools and analysis to inform and support policies in African countries.

Launch of Zambia Wildlife And Protected Area Accounts To Support Nature-Based Tourism Report 2023

The Zambian government launched their first Wildlife and Protected Areas Accounts (WPAA) to Support Nature Based technical report under the Global Programme on Sustainability (GPS) on 9th June 2023. This makes it Zamia's fourth natural capital account (NCA) to be developed after the Water, Forest, and Land Accounts. The WPAA report highlights the changes in animal populations, their use, and partial accounts for the value of harvested wildlife and land cover changes in protected areas for the period 2008 to 2015.
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Learning opportunity on System of Environmental Economic Accounting – Ecosystem Accounting (11 April to 10 June 2022)

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (UNSIAP) are jointly rolling out an e-Learning course on "System of Environmental Economic Accounting: Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA)".  The course will run from 11 April to 10 June 2022.

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Africa NCA CoP Newsletter Issue #4
Africa NCA CoP Newsletter Issue #3
Accounting Natural Capital in MENA Shifts Policies Towards Sustainable Growth
Nigeria Takes Step to Mainstream Natural Capital in System of National Accounting
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e-Learning course on SEEA-CF: 4 Mar – 12 Apr 2024

UNESCAP-SIAP will be conducting an e-Learning course "Introduction to the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA): Central Framework" from 4 March to 12 April 2024. SIAP extends its invitation to the Africa NCA CoP. The invitation letter provides guidance for the registrations, which tshould be done by 29 February, while the Guidelines give an overview of the content and the organization of the course. 


Call to register: Virtual workshop on unpacking ocean accounts

This Workshop is being organised by Centre for Sustainable Oceans of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. 
Please find out more information and how to register.

Uganda's first forest account

Uganda just published their first Forest Accounts! Find a brief summarizing the report here or the full report here.