Getting started with ARIES for SEEA 

The Artificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability (ARIES) team, in collaboration with the United Nations, has developed a web-based application in support of the implementation of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA) that was adopted in 2021 as a statistical standard. 
Easy-to-use and readily available, the ARIES for SEEA Explorer lowers the barriers to compiling ecosystem accounts. The application can generate ecosystem accounts for any user-specified terrestrial area in the world (such as a country, administrative region, watershed, etc.), by using freely available global remote-sensing derived data and models, and rapidly computes these accounts online, using a web browser.
Please use follow these steps to get started with ARIES for SEEA. 

 1. Register in the k.Hub at this link. Video instruction here.

2. Access guide: to access the application via web or install the software (frequent users or to import data or change models) at this link.
3. User guide: to learn how to navigate the intuitive ARIES for SEEA interface and start compiling your accounts independently.

4. Technical note: to introduce interested user to the technology used by ARIES

5. The Integrated Modelling partnership Youtube channel with demo, past presentation and short video.

6. Introduction material to the k.Modeler, the modeling interface (accessible once registered in the k.Hub).