The use of water in human activity is increasing around the world. Compounding the problem of increased water use is that the availability of water is changing due to climate change, historical overuse of groundwater, and declining water quality. Understanding the uses and values of water and how these are changing over time should lead to more effective water policy and management.  

The World Bank has a long-standing interest in the valuation of natural capital and in using national wealth as a measure of progress. Water is a vital part of natural capital, but including water as one of the assets recorded in the wealth of nations is yet to occur. While it is known that some physical water stocks are being depleted (e.g. groundwater) or degraded (e.g. by pollution), the cost of this is not recognized in the estimates of national wealth in any country. 

This webinar will provide an understanding of the conceptual and data challenges of valuing water as a natural capital asset for The Changing Wealth of Nations (CWON) and identify key action items for systematic data collection.

October 26, 2023 | 12:00 - 13:30 UTC | Register here

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