Call for articles


The African Statistical Newsletter (ASN) is currently accepting articles for publication in French or/and English. It aims to supplement the efforts of the African Statistical Journal of AfDB to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and information about statistical methodologies and their application to solve practical problems in Africa.

The themes cover all activities and news deemed to be of interest to the African statistical community, ranging from statistical advocacy to institutional development including capacity building and technical assistance. The Newsletter is intended for the statistical community, across the whole Africa as well as development practitioners with an interest in Africa’s development.


The Newsletter serves as a research outlet and information sharing publication among statisticians and users of statistical information mainly in the African region. It publishes, among other things:

  1. Current news and events about statistics
  2. Features current statistical issue of the time in the interest of the community
  3. Scientific articles covering major statistical issues.
  4. Statistical development activities carried out which will highlight major activities within African countries with the aim of sharing knowledge with other non-beneficial African countries; including workshops, technical assistances, advisory missions, current projects, etc.
  5. Data visualizations representing selected current issues that have been hot topic at the time.
  6. NSO profile which will present the organization of National Statistics Office of a selected country, its national statistics system, current and upcoming activities, releases; and,
  7. Upcoming events and activities (such as workshops, experts group meetings, conferences, etc.) on the continent and those of interest to the statistical community in Africa.

All manuscripts are reviewed and evaluated on content, language, and presentation. The ASN provides free access to all articles as soon as they are published. We ask you to support this initiative by publishing your articles in this newsletter. Prospective authors should send their article(s) to under the e-mail subject: ASN Content provider.

The ASN is also accepting qualified volunteers to review articles. Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a reviewer.