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Meeting of Young African Statisticians

Theme: Leveraging on the power of young statisticians in the development of a robust statistical system in Africa.

On 05 July 2021, the Director of the African Centre for Statistics will introduce the new ECA’s “Takwimu Young African Statisticians Programme” designed for Young African Statisticians and data practitioners from all background. read more

Jun-2021Conference organizers

2020 IAOS-ISI-Zambia Conference postponed to 2023

Zambia was expected to host the 2020 IAOS-ISI Conference in Livingstone from 19 to 21 May 2020. It was going to be the first time an African Country hosted IAOS conference. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference is now postponed to 2023... read more


ECA engages media as partners in data production and sharing

Addis Ababa, 25 May 2021 (ECA) - The African Centre for Statistics (ACS) at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) on Tuesday hosted a webinar on the need to improve relationship between producers of statistics and the media in order to enhance end user experience. read more


Media Engagement in Official Statistics: How and Why?

The webinar is organized by the Economic Commission for Africa in partnership with AFRISTAT, INSEE, ONS-UK and PARIS21.
The objective of this event, which targets English speakers, is to share experiences on the different strategies that could be put in place by the producers of official statistics more


Why is Data a “public good”

Everyone, everywhere including policy makers, acknowledge that data and statistics are important in informing decision processes – one of the most ubiquitous statement in this respect is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” read more


Interview with a former prominent chief statistician – Mr. Lamine Diop, Former Director of AFRISTAT, Economic and Statistical Observatory of Sub-Saharan Africa

I would like to invite national statistical systems to pay close attention to their organization and good governance. I invite young statisticians to take their full part in this process. The future of African statistics rests on their shoulders. Their talents, adaptability and openness must be fully utilized. (Content available in French only) read more


ECA Fellowship Programme 2021

​The ECA is inviting applications from qualified young African Professionals in the following thematic areas: read more


Launch of International Data Exchange database

The UN Statistics Division launched the International Data Exchange database which contains comprehensive data on GDP and its key components, sectoral accounts, employment and population. read more


Namibian statisticians team up with UK colleagues as NSA strives to become a leader of statistical modernisation in Africa

Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) is launching a new partnership with the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) that aims to strengthen statistical capabilities.

Statistician-General Mr Alex Shimuafeni welcomed Charlotte Fenton, the Deputy British High Commissioner, who signed the memorandum of understanding More


Interview with a former prominent chief statistician – Professor Ben Kiregyera, founding Director of the African Centre for Statistics, ECA

It is true that over the years, the issue of reliability of African development has been a concern not only to data users but also to data producers. However, this issue has been blown out of proportion by Afro-statistical pessimists who do not want to hear about “Africa is rising” according to current economic statistics. read more

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