Editorial Policy
  1. Objectives: The African Statistical newsletter aims to supplement the efforts of the African Statistical Journal of the African to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and information about statistical methodologies and their application to solving practical problems in Africa.
  2. Thematic coverage: It covers all activities and news deemed to be of interest to the African statistical community, ranging from statistical advocacy to institutional development including capacity building and technical assistance, to specific statistical activities like censuses and surveys.
  3. Target Clientele: The Newsletter is intended for the statistical community, across the whole of Africa as well as development practitioners with interest in Africa’s development.
  4. Frequency: The African Statistical Newsletter is a quarterly periodical published four times a year. Issues are generally released within two weeks after the last day of the quarter. The material should be submitted to the African Centre for Statistics email (ecastats@un.org) by 15th day of the last month for publication in that quarter’s newsletter.
  5. Source of Articles and Photos: The articles and photographs published are written and submitted by experts practising statistics in Africa and the rest of the world who are interested in statistical development in Africa. All articles must comply with the standards and technical publishing requirements. Generally, articles should not exceed 4 pages and should be of general interest to the statistical community. The editorial board carries out minor editing of the articles and reserves the right to determine the content of the newsletter.
  6. Language: The Newsletter is bi-lingual –English and French. Articles are published in the language in which they are submitted. If an article is deemed to be of especial interest across the continent, we aim to publish it in both languages of the Newsletter.
  7. Accessibility: The African Statistical Newsletter is now accessible digitally. In addition to a printable version is also published quarterly and emailed to all contacts maintained by the African Centre for Statistics - to be added to this database send your contact details to ecastats@un.org
  8. Subscription: The African Statistical Newsletter can be accessed free of charge.
  9. Disclaimer: This Newsletter is not an official document of the United Nations, nor does it express the official position of the United Nations.
  10. Citation: The editorial board welcomes the further distribution of any material from the newsletter on condition that this is cited as follows: This is reproduced from the African Statistics Newsletter (add issue date and number)