ASN is a quarterly newsletter published by the African Centre for Statistics since December 2007. It provides an effective forum for peer learning, information exchange, discussion on statistical development and related issues in Africa.  It publishes statistical activities and news of interest to the African statistical community.

The latest and past issues of the Newsletter are available from this website's homepage.

The ASN is disseminated mainly to National Statistical Offices (NSOs), Research and Training institutions, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), other Sub-Regional, Regional and International Organizations.

Content Structure

The content of the ASN is structured as follow:

  1. Message from the Director: This will serve as an introduction for the newsletter

  2. News and events: Summary of past news, events, publication releases, new appointments, departures, etc.

  3. The featured topic of the current issue: This will detail an important topic of the time in the interest of the community

  4. Scientific articles: This section will feature a series of articles in the interest of the community

  5. Statistical development activities carried out: this section will highlight major activities within African countries with the aim of sharing knowledge with other non-beneficial African countries. This includes workshops, technical assistance, advisory missions, current projects, etc.

  6. Data Viz: This section will show infographics representing selected current issues that have been a hot topic at the time.

  7. NSO profile: This section will present the organisation of a National Statistics Office of a selected country, its national statistics system, current and upcoming activities, releases.  

  8. Upcoming events: This will include upcoming activities (workshops, experts group meetings, conferences, etc.) on the continent and those of interest to the statistical community in Africa.