Why is Data a “public good”

Everyone, everywhere including policy makers, acknowledge that data and statistics are important in informing decision processes – one of the most ubiquitous statement in this respect is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” by major African regional organizations to set up a joint data collection mechanism of socioeconomic data on African countries as well as the development of a common harmonized database. The Joint African Statistical Yearbook is meant to break with the practices of the past where each regional or subregional organization was publishing...read more



Interview with a former prominent chief statistician – Mr. Lamine Diop, Former Director of AFRISTAT, Economic and Statistical Observatory of Sub-Saharan Africa

I would like to invite national statistical systems to pay close attention to their organization and good governance. I invite young statisticians to take their full part in this process. The future of African statistics rests on their shoulders. Their talents, adaptability and openness must be fully utilized. (Content available in French onlyread more





ECA Fellowship Programme 2021


​The ECA is inviting applications from qualified young African Professionals in the
                                           following thematic areas: read more



Meeting of SDG coordinating agencies: SDG Extended Reporting platform

UNSD organized a virtual meeting on Tuesday, 16 March 2021 with the coordinating custodian agencies on the preparation of the proposed inaugural 2021 SDG Extended Reporting Platform read more





Launch of International Data Exchange database

The UN Statistics Division launched the International Data Exchange database which contains comprehensive data on GDP and its key components, sectoral accounts, employment and population. read more


Interview with a former prominent chief statistician – Professor Ben Kiregyera, founding Director of the African Centre for Statistics, ECA


It is true that over the years, the issue of reliability of African development has been a concern not only to data users but also to data producers. However, this issue has been blown out of proportion by Afro-statistical pessimists who do not want to hear about “Africa is rising” according to current economic statistics. read more



Young African statisticians shone at the #UN52SC side event of Young Statisticians of the World

By Edem Kossi Kludza

This Wednesday 10 March 2021, young statisticians from all over the world organized a side event at the 52nd session of the UN Statistical Commission for the first time on what will be the most important topic in official statistics 30 years from now...read more


A new home for statistical and data news in Africa


The African Centre for Statistics (ACS) is launching a new-look newsletter that will be a hub for statistics and data-related news and events across the continent ... read more



ICTs change civil data capturing in SADC

By Southerntimesafrica.com

SADC countries are increasingly using ICTs to improve capturing of key citizen data such as births and deaths... read more




The African group on transformation and modernization of official statistics


The African group on transformation and modernization of official statistics was created by the 7th Statistical Commission for Africa to strategically guide and coordinate the work on transformation and modernization... read more



ECA Price Watch points to construction sector as key driver of growth


“A vibrant construction sector is an indisputable driver of GDP growth in a country,” said Bartholomew Armah, Director of Macroeconomics and Governance at the Economic Commission for Africa... read more


Exploring the use of earth observation and data science for agricultural statistics to complement the census dataset: Case study for Namibia Statistics Agency

Agriculture is the backbone of human life, it enables for food security, health and economy. Yet, many countries in Africa suffer from poor accessibility to agriculture data which is crucial for policy makers and farmers. Half of Namibia’s population depend on agricultural activities, for as their main ...read more


SADC Harmonised Consumer Price Indices (HCPI) December 2020

The SADC Region registered annual inflation rate of 45.5% in December 2020 compared to December 2019 as measured by the HCPI. Month on Month inflation rate registered an increase of 2.2% in December 2020 compared to November 2020...read more



COVID-19 and beyond: How the Africa Gender Data Network can help boost capacity for gender data collection, use, and impact

By Meriem Ait Ouyahia

Through anecdotes, rapid assessments, and other limited data sources, it has become evident to international organizations and development partners that the COVID-19 crisis has increased women’s vulnerabilities and widened existing inequalities. Yet it’s difficult to understand and address the unique nature of these inequalities because large gaps in gender data remain..read more



Guidelines for Developing Statistical Capacity


National statistics are an essential component of policy making. They provide the evidence required to improve the lives of citizens, monitor results and hold governments and other actors accountable. Recent international agreements such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Agenda 2063 for Africa recognise the central role of strong statistics and place a significant emphasis on goals, indicators and national reporting....read more


Mr. Oliver Chinganya

Message from the Director

We are delighted to launch the new digital African Statistical Newsletter as part of the African Centre for Statistics' modernisation programme urged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new digital newsletter will help us ensure contents are more accessible to our readers through computer, phone, or tablet and from anywhere you have access to the Internet...read more

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